My name is Marianne Vive and I am a Designer for Studio.

After many years as a designer in a number of well-known Danish fashion companies, I got a huge desire to make some clothes that are based solely on the best intentions around sustainability, use of the best materials and which are made with great care and love for details.

Vivestudio basically only uses textiles from Liberty in London. This department store has stood for quality and orderliness for centuries, and with more than 50,000 prints in their archive, they can at any time hit the textiles that are in demand in a demanding fashion market, which at the same time maintains the textile’s relevance in the fashion world’s constant changing trends. in the best quality. Read more about Liberty here.

Sustainability is the most important thing for the fashion of the future, but the reality is that it is very difficult to find textiles that 100% meet what we all want around sustainability. Therefore, until technology helps new textiles, we must focus on the next best thing: Products that are made in a proper way, for a salary that the employees can live on, and in such a way where the least possible imprint is left on our environment.

A major problem for the fashion world’s goal of reducing their overall environmental footprint is transportation. The vast majority of products, and especially those that are as heavy as quilted jackets, are produced in the east, where wages are very low. I feel that with a domestic production here in Denmark, I get as close to the customers as possible, and serve a solution that reduces the environmental footprint to a minimum.

All my designs appear on our shop page, but do you have very special wishes about the design and production of a specific personal jacket or vest that you are passionate about – So get in touch and I will help you get all your wishes implemented in the finished jacket / vest.

Many years as a designer have given me a unique insight into what is moving right now in the fashion world and together with you we design your desired jacket / vest.